Winning Strategy

At ATS authority we consistently win by being selective and disciplined in the games we choose to play/release, by our expert money management skills – based on numbers, percentages and algorithms, not by betting with our favorite teams, emotions or ignorance, and having a short memory, win or lose. We are professional handicappers that take a very business approach to sports betting in order to maximize our profits. We constantly review our strategies and systems – and tweak them from season to season when needed, by adding to or subtracting from current winning strategies. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, you need a plan and a proven strategy to reach your goal. Once you determine what your goal is, align with ATS Authority. By aligning yourself with our services you will avoid the biggest pitfalls that trip up even a seasoned player – emotion, lack of discipline and professional money management experience. Our proven strategies will help you reach your goals. Our winning strategy consists of ranking our releases in units, with a qualified release being 2 units, – the stronger the play, the higher the number of units. A 2 unit play is a strong release and plays of 3 units or higher are considered very strong releases. The strength of play is based on the number of determinants or factors produced from our analysis that point to the same predicted side or total, combined with any other exclusive information we may receive.

Obviously we are not inclined to reveal all of our secrets on winning and making consistent profit that we have developed over the past 20+ years. We understand it is important to our clients how we determine what plays are released and how the number of units are assigned to each play. We spend countless hours analyzing all data available to find an edge or angle that most bettors and other handicappers overlook. Not only do we scrutinize all statistical information available, we break down the stats even further, down to the minute situation which most handicappers do not even consider. We consider every statistical possibility. We have amassed huge amounts of sets of detailed statistical analysis, trends, and other statistical and informational reports. We cross compare all of these reports, which leads us to determine the strength of each play released. The number and strength of factors produced from our statistical analysis which point to the same side or total, along with other exclusive information we may have or receive, determines how many units are assigned to each play.

Before you get started with us, we recommend you decide what dollar amount you are comfortable with to allocate per unit that best suits your bankroll. Once you choose the per unit amount we recommended you stick with it. Keep in mind two of the most important keys to consistent winning are remaining discipline and bankroll money management. Take your time and start small if you desire. We want you to be comfortable, and we are here, as a partner, to help grow your bankroll. Once we have helped you build a nice bankroll and you are comfortable, you can always increase the amount you play per unit. If you purchase our year package, you will have the ability to speak with our top advisors who can help you decide a good time to increase your amount per unit.

We do not have a set amount of plays or releases per day. It is strictly determined by how many plays qualify based on our strategies and systems. At ATS Authority, we generally will release 1-3 plays per day; however there will generally be a few days (2-3) per month where no games will qualify as strong enough to be released. We cannot overstate the importance of discipline enough. We will never force a play, or release a play just for the “action” – our whole focus is on winning and maximizing profits, not gambling.

Another aspect in becoming a consistent winner is a proper betting mindset. Most people let emotions effect or impair their judgment and decision making. It’s difficult not to call on our experiences when making decisions or judgment calls. As a bettor you need to train your mind to eliminate emotion when deciding what games to play and for how much. Over the past 20 years, ATS Authority has mastered the art of eliminating emotions and emotional ties when making our decisions. It should not matter which team is your favorite, which team you want to win, or which team you feel deserves to win. All that matters is if the determinants or factors from the analysis lead to a highly predictable result. These same principles hold true during winning streaks and losing streaks. Whether you won or lost yesterday, or lost during the early games should have absolutely no bearing on who you bet or how much you bet today or on the later games that day. We consistently win and make our members big money because we are discerning with our plays, we stay disciplined in our decision making, we manage our money properly based on our bankroll, we eliminate emotions and do not let yesterday impair our judgments or mindset today. These are all strategies to consistent winning. By purchasing one of our packages and choosing to align yourself with ATS Authority, you too can be successful and profitable. We are the only authority you need ATS and we will continue to win for our members and possibly you.