Why Us?

  • 20+ years of sports handicapping
  • 15+ years of professional money management skills in financial industry
  • Proven winning strategies and system that consistently works
  • Every play we release is a qualified play which fits into one or several of our proven strategies
  • Discipline, discipline, discipline!  We will never force a play and there will usually be a few days each month in which we do not release a play at all (4 days in April and 5 days in May were No Plays).  Practicing this discipline has directly allowed us to make big money for us and our clients in both the financial and sports gaming industries.
  • Where most, if not all, sports handicapping sites have a single advisor who is supposedly an expert in every sport and releases every pick, we use a multiple advisor philosophy on each sport (i.e. we have multiple advisors who focus strictly on NHL releases).  Each of these specified advisors employ our same winning strategies and system individually and also as a group with the other advisors of the same sport to decide if a play qualifies to be a released.
  • We do not give out free plays period!  Have you ever stopped and wondered why most of the handicappers give you a free play each day?  You know these plays are not their top releases for the day, because you have to pay for those.  Why give out free plays then that they aren’t even confident enough to release as their paid plays for that day?  It’s just another trick/ploy they use to get you to buy their packages, when you get lucky and win on one of their free plays, that are 50/50 at best.  When was the last time you actually received something good that was free?  You would never invest your money with a person who hands out free stock tips would you?  At ATS Authority we know what we have with our winning strategies and system, and we place a high value on each and every play we release.  That’s why we are the only handicapping service that does not give out free plays.  If we release a play, you can be confident that it is a strong play that has qualified because it fits into one or several of our winning strategies.
  • We provide honest recaps of each of our plays from the day before, on our site (juice/vig included).
  • When you become a client, after purchasing one of our packages, you will receive every play from every sport we release each day (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, NCAAF & NCAABB).