Jul 20, 6 years ago

2-1. Sunday PGA/MLB

2-1. Sunday PGA/MLB

Dodgers/Nationals Under (6)(+110) (+3.30 UNITS)
Rangers/Astros Over (7.5) (+2.27 UNITS)

Sergio Garcia (+130) over J. Spieth (-3.00 UNITS)

We go (2-1) Sunday and add (+2.57 UNITS of profit to our bankrolls. We hit both of our 3 UNIT and 2.5 UNIT MLB Total releases as the Dodgers/Nats played Under (6), a 5-0 LA shutout and the Rangers/Astros flew Over (7.5), a 10-0 Houston victory. The winning Sunday moves our July total profits to +24.56 UNITS and Dime Members have now bankrolled $24,560 this month. Note, we did not post our 3 UNIT MLB loser from 7/18 on the Cubs/Braves Over but -3.00 UNIT loss has been included in the our current July balance of +24.56 UNITS.

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