Welcome to ATS Authority – the only authority you need ATS. We are a professional sports handicapping service. Our company headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA, with advisors located in multiple cities across the US. We are experts in handicapping sports and have done so for the past 20+ years. In addition to our handicapping history we have 15+ years of experience in the financial industry and markets; professionally managing money for ourselves and our clients. It is in these two fields where we have built our valuable discipline and money management skills, and learned to leave emotions out of our decision making. Whether in stock portfolios, hedge funds or retirement plans, we have consistently dedicated ourselves to making big money for our clients.

When we looked into the sports handicapping arena, we immediately saw a void and thus an opportunity to combine our expertise in both fields. We’ve combined our proven winning sports handicapping strategies and systems with our expertise in client relations, professional money management and discipline to create ATS Authority.

Our goal is to make you a winner by helping you build and maintain your bankroll. We are very familiar with how many of the other handicapping services online operate, and at ATS Authority we are committed to working for you and growing your money. We play each one of our releases ourselves; so when you make money, we make money. We value every one of our clients and regard each as a partner – so let’s bury the man together!